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Arbiter Mako digital backflow testers 

Available from Eastwind Backflow Solutions Inc.



Eastwind Backflow Solutions is your authorized Canadian distributor of Mako backflow test kits and accessories. We offer sales and shipping all across Canada, and special discounts are available to backflow training facilities. Contact us for pricing today.

About the Mako

The Mako uses the same test procedures as your current analog or digital tester but with added features such as a backlit display and the "Capture" button. (Watch the videos below to learn more about the amazing capture button). No more fumbling with flashlights, awkward straps, or wet test reports. This plus many more great features at a price comparable to that of an analog tester.

Available in 2 valve, 3 valve, and 5 valve configurations.

Calibration and repair

We are your authorized calibration and repair facility for Mako digital backflow testers. And since we provide full repair and service in house, we can offer very quick turnaround times on calibrations and repairs. 

Our accurate calibrations are performed in a controlled environment using clean, dry nitrogen and our calibration standard is regularly verified by a third party and is N.I.S.T.

Information aussi disponible en francais

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